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Sample is very important for garments industry either to buyer or to vendors/factory. Sampling is a very common step must be conducted by each factory through the instruction of buyer, it is done  from development stage to go through bulk production. Sample type and significant characteristics of different samples depend on buyer. I am sharing most of the samples what I have known.

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Proto Sample: This type of sample is made at the development stage when just pattern has been developed on the basis of tech pach or PDM. Buyers sometimes want this type of sample before development sample where measurement of all points would be in tolerance. If you consider it for denim there wash will not be affected significantly.

Development Sample: Buyers first time give tech pach or PDM to vendors just for making pattern and samples as per sketch. Sometimes it is called LA sample. Buyers just need to review the style or the design to make changes in this sample where fabric will actual but other trims may not be actual.

Fit Sample: All most every buyer want this sample where measurement is the key feature which will be in tolerance according to the measurement sheet given by buyer just attached with tech pach. In some cases fit sample require 100% measurement along with perfect wash in case of denim. Sometimes this type of samples are called as photo sample.

Wash Sample: Wash samples are very important for denim garments. Buyers send wash target to follow in washing and submit accurately as much as possible. Some times wash samples are to be taken as PP(Pre-Production) sample but there every trims would be actual. Measurement is not so important for wash samples.

Size Set Sample: After approval of fit sample, size set sample is required by buyer. Indeed, this type of sample requires when any significant correction is necessary on fit sample. Before bulk production this is used as final for measurement and styling issue. Some buyers might suggest for other two types of sample after size set, they are Reference sample & Sealer sample(For Bulk Production).

GPT/Lab Test Sample: Garments Performance/Package Test(GPT) or lab test sample is very important for each buyer as well as vendors. Third party testing company tests this sample and give a test report where product harmful chemical, safety issue and compliance issue is maintained. To know more about test sample you can go to GPT, FPT, GCR sample of Apparel.

Pre-Production (PP) Sample: PP is the final most important and mandatory sample in case of all styles. All kinds of buyer follow this sample for bulk production. Before PP, all the samples mentioned above this post would be passed by the review of buyer. If any comment receive from buyer to the above samples you should be aware to rectify it in PP by following the comments. PP sample is basically used for all kinds of actual trims approval, wash or dye approval, styling or aesthetic look final approval. If buyer approves it without any comment, you will not have any problem to go through bulk production.

Shade Band Sample: Shade band is very important to go through bulk. In case of denim, it bears highly importance in washing where main bulk will go through following shade band sample. After approval of wash sample and PP, factory submit shade band in between these two types of sample. Fabric comes from supplier with different shades where shade band will help the factory to submit shade band based on shade of bulk fabric. Normally 5-7 shades categorized by available shade of fabric wash, then submit to buyer for approval.

AD sample/Salesman Sample: AD or advertisement sample and salesman sample are same, required for definite showrooms of buyers. Before bulk production ad sample is asked by buyer for a campaign to their store as well as showrooms to give up an update to customers what they are launching in the next season. Buyers may be asked for different sizes and colors for this sample. During bulk factory may send it to buyer's specific destination as well.

TOP sample: Top of Production is the another important sample received by buyer from bulk of any style. Buyer's QA will choose this type of sample randomly from bulk production and send them to buyer for reviewing and aware of the bulk production. Normally, before TOP sample approval comments, vendor could not ship the goods. It might be called shipment sample as well.

Besides these samples, there are too many samples are made based on requirement of buyers and styles. Some other samples are sealer sample, pull out sample, formaldehyde test sample, gold/yellow tag sample, counter sample etc.

Mock Up: Buyers frequently ask for mock up sample. Mock up is the piece of sample where a definite part of any full garment used for thread approval or wash approval or embroidery approval. To reduce time and cost sometimes buyers work on this.

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