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Posted by Firoz Kabir on Saturday, December 7, 2013 0

Open ended (OE) or break spinning is referred to as rotor spinning where process sequence is less than combed as well as carded yarn. Roving formation in simplex machine is not required to rotor spinning where drawn slivers are fed to the machine directly. Production rate of OE spinning system is higher than ring spinning where coarse yarns are made within a range of 5 to 40 cotton count. Medium to low quality yarns are produced here used for making denim, dungaree, twill, chino as well as any heavy fabric. Local use of rotor yarn is sometimes higher than ring spun yarns. Rotor spinning is much popular in use due to the high production rate, less wastage percentage as well as highly usable in denim to make blue jeans.

OE or Rotor Spinning flow chart is given below:

Fiber/Bale →    Blow Room →     Lap
Lap    →   Carding   →   Sliver (Carded)
Carded Sliver →  1st Drawing frame   →   Drawn Sliver
Drawn Sliver   →   2nd Drawing frame →   Drawn Sliver
Drawn Sliver   →   Rotor Spinning   → Rotor Yarn

Now a day’s chute feed system is very much popular than conventional lap feed system in case of blow room lap feeding.

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