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Yarn counting or numbering system is the universal numerical expression for measuring yarn and thread coarseness or fineness. We can use count for both thread and yarn. Thread and yarn is not similar to use. They are also different in construction. Normally yarns are used to weaving and may be plied or single whereas thread is frequently used for sewing purposes and always contain two or more plies. When we use thread for garments sewing we frequently see that thread suppliers mention thread ticket number as well as count. Since thread is made always by two or more plies of yarn therefore counting system of thread is not similar like normal yarn count.

Thread Numbering or Counting:
When we will use counting system of thread like as 27 tex, 40 tex, 60 tex, 80 tex (Tex), it is simply followed the tex numbering system.

For direct system of thread numbering Tex is very popular. Tex is defined as weight of 1000 meters thread in grams.
For example, Tex 60 – a length of 1000 meters of thread will gives 60 grams of weight.

When we use 20/2, 20/3, 20/4 or 40/2 (English Count) then we can find out the resultant count by calculating the resultant count.

When more than one ply of yarn is twisted into a thread, finding the resultant size of the thread by considering all the plies becomes necessary.

For Indirect Counting System or Fixed Weight System: Resultant size = Individual yarn count / Number of plies

For Direct Counting System  In fixed length systems: Resultant size = Individual yarn count x Number of plies
In case of sewing necessary if you need thread of any count then a  particular resultant size can be made with any number of plies.

Ticket Numbering
Suppliers may ask you about the ticket number you want to purchase then you have to provide the ticket numbers of desired thread.Ticket numbering is a commercial numbering system. Ticket numbers are merely the manufacturer’s reference numbers for the size of a given thread.
The Metric Count, Cotton Count and Denier Systems use ticket numbering system to give an easy approximation of the specific size of the finished thread.

Depends on the nature of fiber as well as thread making process, ticket numbers will vary as it is not the same as in another.  For example, Ticket 75 Cotton is not the same as Ticket 75 mono-filament thread.

For Tex Ticket Numbering:
To convert any Tex Number to a Ticket Number value: divide 1,000 by the Tex number and multiply by 3.  [ Tkt. = (1000/Tex No.) X 3 ]

For Metric Ticket Numbering:

They can simply denote:
Higher the ticket number, finer the thread.
Lower the ticket number, coarser the thread.

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