What does Textile mean?

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Textile is a well known word to all which refers to a type of cloth or fabric made by general weave. According to industrial language it means relating to fabric or weaving. In order to wikipedia, it is a flexible woven material consisting of yarn sheet or network of threads which are made from natural or synthetic fibers with the aid of loom.

At the basic sense of all the definitions from different institutions relating to textiles that, it is a product made from natural or man made fibers which are used to make garments or fashion technology.

For the educational strategy of Textile Engineering, textile is not bounded into this little things. Since textile means one kind of cloth so all the raw materials, processes, functions and accessories that relating to make a cloth are included into textile. Also there are so many products or items are used in different sections are known as textiles, such as medical related materials ( Thread, Cotton, Bandage etc) are textile goods. Textile materials have a wide range of end uses in our daily needs.

All the processes that requires to make a garment which refers to the end product of textile are studied into Textile Engineering Course. The process sequence of making a cloth are given bellow.

Input Material************* Functions/Processes****************Final Product

Textile Fiber******************* Spinning********************** Yarn
(Natural fiber)-----------------Cotton spinning/Jute Spinning----------------Cotton yarn/Jute yarn
(Man Made Fiber)-----------------Dry/Wet/Melt Spinning-------------------- Synthetic yarn

Yarn************************ Weaving/Knitting****************Woven Fab/Knit Fab (Grey)
(High twist for weaving          (Design producing must need)
 and low twist yarns are for knit)
Grey Fabric******************* Wet Processing****************** Finished Fabric
                                 ( Pretreatment, Dyeing/Printing & Finishing)

Finished Fabric************** Apparel Manufacturing ************* Final Cloth or RMG
                                                  (Garments or Fashion  Design)

Into all the processes Testing is another required part which must adopt after completing each section. A wide range of textile testing reports are required to make a cloth. FPT ( Fabric Performance Test) and GPT (Garment Performance Test) must require to make any quality garments.

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