Sewing Thread Consumption Procedure | Thread Calculation for Garments Costing

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Sewing threads are basic element of making any kind of apparel so it it highly needed to calculate actual consumption for making any item. Today's market is very competitive so merchandiser's should give attention on thread consumption also. Sometimes merchandiser's ignore this issue with little importance but for sustainable business policy you have to maintain accuracy in all portions and ensure the least wastage as well.

There is a basic formula for doing this thing with less effort and time.In that formula you will get multiplying factors according to machine type and stitch class. To determine thread consumption you just need to multiply seam length with that factors. This way one can estimate total thread requirement for making a garment.

Thread consumption depends on following factors-

  • Style of the garment
  • Types of stitch used
  • Stitch per inch (SPI)
  • Garments size/measurements
  • Seam thickness
  • Thread tension
  • Thread count

The standard formula belongs according to the below procedures...

  • Find out stitches of various classes
  • Measure the length of each type of stitch
  • Measure the length of sewing thread/inch stitch
  • Calculate total thread in length for each stitch
  • Summarized the total thread for all stitches

Thread consumption ratios as per coats international:

Some basic consumptions are given below:

Thread Consumption per body
Basic t-shirt
125 mtr
Basic polo shirt
180 mtr
Basic long sleeve shirt
150 mtr
Basic short sleeve woven shiirt
125 mtr
Basic shorts
350 mtr
Classic short
450 mtr
Basic long pants
350 mtr
Classic long pants
450 mtr
Basic short all
350 mtr
Basic overall
400 mtr
Padded coverall
450 mtr
Basic romper
200 mtr
300 mtr
50 mtr
100 mtr
150 mtr
Tank top
50 mtr
Denim 5pkt pant
400 mtr
Denim jacket
450 mtr
Twill jacket
450 mtr

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