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GSM is the short form of Grams per Square Meter. GSM is the very most important thing which defines the weight of the fabrics of knit garments.

Garment price and quality based on many things like GSM, fabric quality, colors, finishing, prints, embroidery, style, etc. But GSM is the most important thing to be decided when confirming the prices between the sellers and buyers.

If we have fabrics, then we don’t have any problem in finding GSM, as we can cut any dimension to find GSM. But most of the times, we will have only the garments to find GSM. And we will have to keep the garment for style, making and other references. So we will be allowed to cut a small bit from the garments. Hence nowadays, round cutters are used. This system is used worldwide. With the help of this round cutter, the fabric will be cut into a small bit.

Then the GSM of the fabric can be found out by multiplying the weight of this round bit by 100. This round bit is to be weighed in an electronic scale with milligram accuracy. As this bit is very small and as the weight has to be multiplied by 100, the fabric has to be cut very sharply to get the exact GSM. Hence the blades of this round cutter are to be  sharp and new to get the exact GSM.

Now we will measure GSM in general procedure (In case of woven garment it is frequently used)

 GSM is the weight of 1meter x 1meter fabric. It means 100cm x 100cm = 10,000 sq.cms. It can be found out by any one of the below ways.

·         By the weight of 100cm x 100cm fabric bit.

·         By the weight of 50cm x 50cm fabric bit multiplied by 4.

·         By the weight of 25cm x 25cm fabric bit multiplied by 16.

·         By the weight of 10cm x 10cm fabric bit multiplied by 100.

We must be aware that if we use the smaller size bit, accurate GSM can not be achieved. The bigger size of fabric bit is better used to get exact or closer GSM.

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