Determining of Woven Fabric Face and Back Side

Posted by Firoz Kabir on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 2

In cutting section we frequently found troublesome to detect fabric face as well as back side properly. When the fabric roll does not contain any mark or specifucation as face or back we face this difficulties. The bellow understanding will help someone to detect the woven fabric face side more easily and precisely.

General Methods You can Apply to Detect a Fabric Face or Back
  • Brushed or peach fabric the face side is generally peached or brushed.
  • Face side of a fabric will be clearer and softer than the back side.
  • Fabric of textured yarn the texture will be more visible in the face side.
  • Diagonal lines of twill fabrics will be more visible on the face side of the fabric.
  • Fabrics with fancy design have smoother weaves on the face side.
  • Cloths with color are usually brighter on the face
  • Cords are more pronounced on the face
  • Sateen fabric show face by weft on top
  • In case of Satins warp on top
  • Dobby fabrics and brocades have the pattern more prominent on the face
  • Pile fabric with brilliant color on top
  • Pile fabric with more pile on the face

When getting fabric roll from suppliers we can easily determine the face side through the bellow methods:
  • Denim fabric shows colored yarns on top or face
  • Face side of single-layer roll is fabric face side.
  • Inside face of double-plied roll is fabric face side
  • Side with printed trade mark at both ends is fabric face
  • Upper side of printed letter on the selvage
  • If selvage contains stentering holes, more regularly shows face

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