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PRINTING: Textile Printing denotes the formation of colored designs on the surface of the textile fabrics with a miniature of printing paste by using different style or methods. It is also called a specific area dyeing arrangement. It gives a multicolor design over the fabrics. It is an art where designs are developed on the surface of the fabric with using thickener combined with dyestuffs.

Printing Coverage: It means how many portions are designed to colorful with remaining others in white. Such as 80% printing coverage means, the process through which 80% of a fabric are printed with different dyestuffs by different printing style or method.

Style of Printing: Style refers to the manner by which particular action is performed. It is totally a chemical process where chemical and dyestuffs are mainly responsible to produce a design.

Style of printing means the manner by which a printed effect is produced without any mechanical means only using dye paste in different way.

Types of Style of printing
  • Direct Style
  • Dyed style
  • Discharge style
  • Resist/Reserve style
  • Azo color style
  • Metal/Bronze style
  • Flock style

Methods of printing: These are the procedures by which printing is designed on to fabrics. Different types of printing method mentioned at below-
  • Block printing
  • Flat printing
  • Stencil printing
  • Screen printing
  • Roller printing
  • Transfer printing
  • Flock printing

Thickener: It is the vital component for making printing paste. It is used in textile printing and high molecular weight compound giving viscous paste in water. They impart stickiness and plasticity to the printing paste so that it can be applied in fabric surface without spreading. Printing paste contains up to 80% of thickener.

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