Different Types of Woven Fabrics | Commecial Name of Woven Fabrics

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Three types of basic fabrics are available in world market according to weave and design. They are Plain, Twill & Satin. Plain weave is used to make shirting, suiting as well as dress fabrics. Twill weave has many derivatives where diagonal line contains a special character of twill. Twill weave is used to make a wide variety of commercial fabrics used for jeans, heavy garments, pants as well as jacket type cloths. For fancy fabric satin weave is widely used.

Cambric: it is a finest, more densely woven plain weave fabric with stiff nature at the face.  This light weight fabric is made with cotton or linen. Crispy is another character of this fabric thus it is used to women and children wear where crispy is required. Also used for linen, shirting, lace and needlework.

Chiffon: It is a light weight plain weave fabric made from cotton, silk and synthetic rayon as well as polyester. Very hard twisted yarns as alternate S or Z twist crepe yarns are used to produce this fabric. Under reviewing with a magnifying glass it resembles as net with mesh of fine yarns. It can be dyed easily but polyester made chiffon cannot be dyed. These fabrics are used for women wears widely.

Corduroy: This is woven fabric like as twill weave containing special character as cord effect. It is cut pile fabric available in solid color. The fabric looks as if it is made from multiple cords laid parallel to each other and then stitched together. These are made from tufted twisted yarns and more durable fabric thus it is used for pant, shirt, jacket as well as jeans wear.

Crepe: It is a hard spun silk fabric is originally characterized by a crinkle, puckered surface formed by highly twisted yarns in the warp or weft or both. By using ordinary yarns similar crepe effects can also be produced. Synthetic fabrics also impart crepe effect finish. It is used for sarees, shirts, women and children's dresses.

Denim: Traditionally denim is woven fabric of 2/1 or 3/1 right hand twill. The warp yarns are dyed and filling or weft remains white. Normally warps are dyed with indigo color widely used for blue jeans but there are others colored denims are produced as maroon, green and brown. It is very tightly woven, strong & durable fabric normally made with higher count containing yarns. Open ended yarns are frequently used for denim fabric making as well as ring spun yarns are used in a wide range. Denim is used for making blue jeans very widely as well as trousers, jackets, shirts etc.

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