What is Ligne number? Button specification with Ligne no.

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What is ligne?
Ligne is a French word meaning Line. For measuring diameter of the buttons we use ligne where 1 ligne is equal to 1/40 inch. In millimeter 1 Ligne equal 0.625 mm. Normally it is used as sign of L. It refers button size. Button manufacturers were using ligne since early eighteen. Ligne is the internationally recognized standard.

Materials used for producing buttons are ABS plated, Alloy Metal, Aluminum, Brass, Cast, Fabric Covered, Buffalo Horn, Cow Horn, Ox Horn, Real Horn, Animal Bone, Coconut Shell, Wood, Imitation Pearl Polyester, Imitation Shell Polyester, Melamine, Metals, Nylon, Natural Pearl, Polyester Chalk, Polymat Polyester, Rubber, Natural Shell, Urea, and Natural Wood. These wide variations of buttons are used for baby wear, children wear, men’s and women’s wear, toys and consumer goods.

Garments are made from denim fabrics frequently used metal fasteners at CF closer. A 24L snap button is equal to 5/8 inch. See the below image for clear conception.

14 ligne
16 ligne
18 ligne
20 ligne
22 ligne
24 ligne
30 ligne
36 ligne
1 1/8"
45 ligne
1 3/8"
55 ligne
1 3/4"
70 ligne

Below buttons are normally used in  Garments Industries for functional and decorative purposes.
  • Bone
  • Coconut Shell
  • Plastic
  • Sea Shell
  • Horn
  • Wood
  • Buckles
  • Hand Painted
  • Toggles
  • Synthetic

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