General Procedures for Garment Merchandising - Responsibilities of an Apparel Merchandiser

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Merchandising is the department through which procedures are planned, developed, executed and presented to the buyer. From start to finish a order whole job is directing, planning and observing by a merchandiser.

Key responsibilities for a merchandiser:

  • Contact with buyer to get TP or PDM
  • Garment development
  • Market analysis
  • Costing
  • Delivery confirmation from buyer (delivery mode)
  • Sampling
  • Booking orders
  • Fabric and trims booking
  • L/C or commercial other terms follow up
  • Payment follow up
  • Lab dips (if required)
  • Request for management for production line, wash, print and embroidery allocation
  • Advising, directing and assisting production
  • Advising quality department about quality level
  • Mediating production and quality departments
  • Giving shipping instructions and following shipping,
  • Helping documentation department
  • Taking responsibility for inspections and
  • Following up the shipment
Merchandising Job Procedure:

The Short Terms Used Here Are:

TP - Tech Pack (Technical Package)
PDM - Product Development Manual
CAD - Computer Aided Design (Pattern & Marker making)
IED - Industrial Engineering Department
PCD - Plan Cut Date (Fabric cutting date on bulk production)
GSD - General Sewing Data
ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

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